Welcome to Pen Collect which is my personal web site featuring some of the pens that I have collected as well as some of the information about them that I have picked up on the way. As such I am not able to guarantee any of the site content as being correct nor is it a comprehensive reference site.

Having said that, feel free to look around and I hope that you enjoy my pens as much as I do. The site is not in any way finished and I guess that it never will be, so it may change and evolve over time as I add more pens to my collection or as I see fit to.

Why just Parker? Because I grew up using some of these pens and because I like them!

Parker Slimfold
Parker New Slimfold
Parker 75
Parker 45
Parker 25
Parker 50 Falcon Parker 180 Parker Classic
Parker Arrow and Parker 95 Parker 88 And Rialto Parker Vector
Parker 15 Parker Frontier Ink Converters